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Perfume Info

Perfume Info

When and Where to Apply Perfume

  • After The Shower, Scents Cling Best To Wet or moist skin, hence the reason people apply lotion first then a scent after. The areas on your skin and inside of your wrist and neck are what smell the best because the most blood flows thru those regions releasing the scent on your skin.
  • For a more humble use- Spray the cologne or perfume through the air and make a perfume or cologne wall and walk through it.



  • How to Make Perfume and Cologne Scents last logner?


  • Usually applying to wet moist skin.
  • Spraying on skin and outfit.
  • This is known as layering, layer your fragrance from your skin to underwear to clothing. For a long lasting all day scent.


How to Save Preserve And Store A Perfume

The most important aspect of preserving a perfume is to keep it out of direct sunlight, it will evaporate or distort the fragrances signature aroma often leaving you with a more pure alcohol smell. Also keep away from extreme heat which can damage components of fragrances all together.


How To Identify Fragrance Notes?

Perfumes and colognes are ofter characterized by there notes. Top, Middle, and bottom. The new wave of fragrances do not always adhere to this pyramid of standards. The notes now unfold over time leading deeper and deeper into a long lasting profile.

  • Identifying fragrances notes can be as fun as identifying notes in an expensive glass of chardonnay or merlot at a fancy restaurant.
  • Everyones skin reacts differently however usually the top notes are always the same, that last about the first 45 minutes.
  • After this we get to the older middle scents which blend more with a person and their natural scent. When someone gets close to you they can smell this middle note.
  • Lastly the bottom notes. This is the last 45 minutes before the note fades off and the cologne or perfume has expired its experience.

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