Ariana Grande’s Sweet Like Candy Perfume Review

ariana grande sweet like candy

Find Out All About The Thought Behind Ariana Grande’s Sweet Like Candy

Sweet Like Candy

You won’t have to worry about committing to the purchase of a full-sized bottle of Ariana Grande’s Sweet Like Candy perfume if you want to try out a tester spray of the fragrance first and take pleasure in the candy-like aroma of the floral accords it contains. Although it is a somewhat smaller bottle, it is significantly cheaper, and you can buy it before purchasing the full-size bottle to determine whether or not this is the ideal fragrance for you for the sport. This one, too, comes with hints of vanilla, marshmallow, Italian bergamot, and a few more flavors, just like the larger size does.


  • Smaller size
  • A candy-like undertone is present in this fragrance that is light and airy.
  • A fragrance that is floral and feminine.
  • Affordable


How did Ariana participate in the process of creating?

She participated in many different activities, such as going to the fragrance house, conversing with the packaging designer, and meeting with the marketing team. Ariana wanted to make certain that her tone and feel were maintained throughout the entirety of the brand.

Both Ari and Sweet like Candy, have the same bottle shape and other aesthetic details, such as accents. Why is it the case?

The style of the bottle is an expression of Ariana’s love for old Hollywood, and it features a delightfully soft pom-pom charm as part of the design. The contrast between the two elements in the design was an homage to the artist’s lighthearted side, which allowed for an instant connection with her fan base. Because Ariana liked the multi-faceted bottle, she decided to re-create it for the new brand, but this time she coated the entire bottle in a matte pink finish.

ariana grande sweet like candy reviews

How much time did it take to produce it?

On average, it takes roughly a year to bring a new fragrance to market. First and foremost, it all begins with the artist, and from there, the process of conceptualization gets underway. We collaborate closely with Ariana to establish a genuine brand and cooperate with industry professionals in the beauty sector to produce the brand’s design, scent, bottle, and, eventually, its creative and public relations campaign. Ariana is the face of the brand.

notes of the fragrance.

Ariana fell in love with the sparkling blackberry top, which, when mixed with real Italian bergamot, made the beginning of the fragrance incredibly sugary and addicting. A gorgeous combination of cashmere woods and vanilla can be found in the dry down of the fragrance; this is a combination that she couldn’t get enough of. Every fragrance company works toward the goal of creating a scent that not only the performer but also her audience will adore; this is the ideal winning combo.

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Perfume– Who is Ariana?

Be true to who you are, be confident, enjoy your imperfections, and most importantly, have fun is the advice that Ariana gives to her followers. This is such a positive and empowering message that it speaks to the hearts of young women worldwide. This is a message that the Sweet Like Candy girl heeds and never hesitates to let her lighthearted side shine through and enjoy life to the fullest.

Ariana Grande's Sweet Like Candy Fragrance Campaign | Teen Vogue

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