Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Review – What’s It Smell Like?

tom ford tobacco vanille review

Tom ford tobacco vanille review is a fragrance introduced by the luxury fashion house Tom Ford. Released in 2010, it has received a lot of positive reviews from different perfume critics and the general public.  

The signature sensual and masculine smell sets it apart from any other types on the market. With an elegant and sophisticated vibe, this product is ideal for those who want to stand out.

So, is it worth buying as advertised? To get a thorough answer to your query, read this article – Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Review – What’s It Smell Like?

Tom Ford – A Luxury Fashion House

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Review – What’s It Smell Like?

The tom ford tobacco vanille review has a spicy and woody scent. On the top note, you can smell tobacco and spices. However, the odor is more subtle than how you came back after a quick cigarette. This Tom Ford perfume is more like an old tobacco scent with spice that makes it interesting to the nose.

Other scents are mixed in the middle and base notes, such as Tonka Bean, Cacao, wood, and dried fruit. When you put Tobacco Vanille on, its scent is not similar to an older woman’s perfume or strong food like some other perfumes do.

Tobacco Vanille is a classy, strong, but also unisex perfume. Many people think it is for men, but that is not true. Tobacco Vanille offers both men and women a powerful scent. It lasts all day when you put it on your wrist, and even when you shower, it may still stay on you.

The tobacco in this scent still holds a strong presence, but it is not too overwhelming or punchy yet extremely sophisticated.

Unisex Perfume From Tom Ford

How Long Does Tobacco Vanille Last?

Tom ford tobacco vanille review can last for a long time. The report showed that it can last up to 10 hours, sometimes longer. You might be able to smell it the next morning even if you have showered and washed it off.

That’s why it is common to apply Tobacco Vanille in the morning, and it still remains at dinner time. 

However, if you need a scent that helps you have much energy to work, the F*cking Fabulous Cologne from Tom Ford can be a more appropriate choice.

This perfume has been created to keep people going throughout the day. It works by releasing a caffeine-infused aroma, which makes people feel energized and able to go about their work without ever feeling tired.

Pros & Cons Of The tom ford tobacco vanille review

Below is a quick rundown of the advantages and disadvantages if you are too busy to look over the full review. Read on!


  • Has a unique sensual and masculine aroma.
  • The top notes of this scent blend well together to create a tobacco and spice aura.
  • This perfume has an everlasting scent that can be noticed throughout the whole day and even into the night with the right amount.
  • Leaves a perfectly fresh, clean odor and a lasting impression on people around.


  • Quite pricey.
  • The strong tobacco scent may be unsuitable for some people.

Pay Attention To How Much You Are Using

When using perfumes, it is easy to use too much due to how concentrated they are. The best way to determine how much you should use at a time is by smelling it on your skin every half hour or so.

At first, the scent might be intense before becoming lighter and more subtle later. If you are still unsure about any perfume, we suggest that you visit your local mall and stop by a fragrance counter.

These counters often sell all sorts of budget-friendly samples, so it is worth having a try.

Notice The Amount Of Perfume You Apply

Buyers’ Thoughts on tom ford tobacco vanille review

Those who tested this perfume were quite surprised at its quality. Many said that they have never smelled a perfume quite like it. Their first impression of this scent is very strong and long-lasting, which is perfect for those who want to spend a day out with their perfume on.

The ingredients in tom ford tobacco vanille review are known for being harmless as no one has experienced negative side effects from this scent. Therefore, it is true to conclude that this product will be gentle to your skin.

Similar to most perfumes from this brand, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille can be quite pricey. Many retailers sell it for over $100 per bottle.

The cost may make it difficult for some to purchase this scent for themselves or others as a gift. However, distinctive scents like this tend to last longer than most, which makes the investment worthwhile.


Until these last lines, we hope that you have undoubtedly reached the sufficient information on our writing – Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Review – What’s It Smell Like?

Now that you understand why the odor has captured the attention of many people around the world. For all of its unique qualities, it’s no wonder this perfume stands out amongst other perfumes on the market. 

If you are looking for an exceptional scent to wear during your day or nighttime activities, then try it once to figure out if it suits you or not!

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