sauvage dior men Sample Christian Dior – A Perfect Fragrance

sauvage dior men

Looking for a cologne that will make you stand out from the crowd? sauvage dior men Cologne Sample Christian Dior is a great option. Let’s get right into this post to discover now!


If you’re looking for a cologne that will make you stand out in a crowd, Sauvage might be the right choice for you. This Christian Dior scent is perfect for men who want to feel confident and attractive. A little goes a long way, so you can be sure that your scent will last all day long. 

Plus, what could be more appealing than receiving a free review of the sauvage dior men cologne sample Christian Dior

Keep reading to learn how you can get your hands on one!


Sauvage dior men Sample Christian Dior for Men – An Overview

About The Fragrance

The fresh, clean scent of Eau sauvage dior men has always been a favorite among Dior fans. 

The original fragrance was re-created for the first time in nearly five decades with their latest campaign and is now available as part of the Parfum edition from 2012. Its vintage recordings provide an added touch that will have you feeling like royalty.

In an age where society is becoming more and more industrial, Dior Sauvage men’s cologne represents the smell of fresh air in your nose after a long day working. 

It’s the scent of wide-open spaces and white-hot deserts under a vast blue sky – radiant top notes bursting with freshness, centralize around Calabrian bergamot meets amber wood woodiness to create one powerful man.

A scent for men that was strong and unforgettable – that’s what Mr Dior wants. It is the perfect mix between modernity with vintage aspects because we’re living in two different worlds: today’s fashion versus last century’s hairstyles or jeans style-wise.

About The Bottle

In the world of luxury fashion, Dior has always been a leader. The Pure line is no exception; it features special bottles with elegant designs and high-quality materials. This makes them perfect gifts for friends or loved ones.

This refillable cologne has been introduced to make the sauvage dior men Cologne Sample Christian Dior for Men more sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective. 

The new eco-design is only compatible with bottles labeled “REFILLABLE” on their backs to avoid interfering or confusing customers who want just one scent from a company but are unsure which size bottle they need at any given time.

Notes – sauvage dior men

The refreshing opening notes of Calabrian bergamot, bitter and mandarin grapefruit are met by galbanum in the heart, which gives way for petitgrain to emerge as well. 

The leathery Hedione adds spice on top before giving way at last into pink pepper on the base note of vetiver woodines.

This combination lasts through several different stages – with an airier feel – thanks largely to these light citrus touches (and a little bit more).

  • Scent Type: Warm Woods
  • Fragrance Family: Woody & Earthy
  • Key Notes: Amberwood, Bergamot, Pepper

True Review From Customers

“I purchased this to ensure that I wanted a bigger bottle.” I enjoyed it and got a lot of mileage out of both tubes. Because this stuff is so potent, I wouldn’t use more than two sprays. I went all out to a sporting activity that smelled like a mall. 

Finally, I ordered a 6.8-ounce bottle from Amazon. This assured me that I didn’t do anything on the spur of the moment.”

“The freshness of the first hour is amazing. As it dries down, you get a citrusy vibe with hints of orange and vetiver, making this perfect for summertime. 

With L’oreal Paris predicting that this product will last for up to 8 hours, it’s no wonder why I love the entire line. 

The projection is good in the first hour before working its way into the skin and overall very long-lasting.”

“The perfect summer fragrance, the Eau sauvage dior men is a fresh and clean scent with smooth citrus notes. It will not offend anyone unless they have an extreme sensitivity to floral or otherwise aromatic scents. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the quality and longevity of Eau Sauvage Cologne. It has become one of my favorite scents from Dior as well.

How To Make Sauvage Cologne Sample Christian Dior For Men Last Longer?

  • Apply After You’ve Taken A Shower.

Your sauvage dior men Cologne Sample will last longer if you apply it right after a shower and while drying off.

  • Before Applying, Ensure Your Skin Is Hydrated.

It is a perfect way to moisturize your skin before spraying on any fragrance. You can also use this trick with other perfumes, not just for sauvage dior men Cologne Sample, but for other existing perfumes as well.

  • On Bare Skin, Dab Or Spray.

Wearing a perfume that is too strong will eventually wear down your sense of smell. If you want to keep the scent around, try wearing light clothing and not overdoing it with body lotion or deodorant so as not to do anything but let nature take its course when perspiring naturally.

  • Apply To Your Wrists.

The best way to experience the enjoyment of sauvage dior men Cologne Sample Christian Dior is through heat-reactive scents. The nape of your neck and wrists are good spots, as well as insides, elbows, or knees while it’s still in its bottle.

  • Apply A Tiny Amount Of Vaseline On The Pulse Points.

You can also help your perfume last longer by rubbing a small amount of Vaseline onto the pulse points before applying. The balm will add an extra layer of moisturizing protection for that signature scent and keep it from evaporating as quickly. 

  • Do Not Rub The Aroma Into Your Skin – sauvage dior men

The smell of a fragrance can be washed away with water, or it might take longer if you want to get rid of the top notes. You could also rub your wrists together and break down these chemicals faster than they would have otherwise fallen apart on their own.

  • Brush Your Hairbrush Over Your Hair After Spraying The Fragrance.

To give your hair an extra scent boost, simply spray this Dior fragrance onto the brush and run through dry-which is perfect because most perfumes contain alcohol. 

However, be careful not to apply perfume directly onto the skin as alcohol in many perfumes will damage cells over time.


Sauvage dior men Cologne Sample Christian Dior For Men is the perfect choice for any man who wants to smell fresh and clean. We recommend trying out our sample pack before you commit to a full-size bottle so that you can find your favorite scent! 

If you’ve found one of these scents already but want it to last longer on your skin, try applying cologne immediately after taking a shower or bath when pores are at their largest. This should help lock in the fragrance better than if applied later in the day.

Thank you, and enjoy smelling.

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