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Take a Dip Into World of Fragrances to Help Yourself Choose the Best!

A little knowledge is not sufficient when it comes to the broader world of perfumery! The more you learn, the lesser it is. There is a lot to explore about fragrance as they play an essential role in keeping our personality up!

Sometimes, our fragrance decides out impression and how others perceive and remember us. Being an integral part of personal styling, fragrances are deep and a different colorful world. We are sure till now; you must have been drawing a lot of advantage of wearing your signature scent or cologne! Be it to increase your attractiveness or boost your confidence; perfumes are entirely reliable accessories.

Choosing and applying cologne is an art that needs to be mastered with knowledge. A right guide on choosing great cologne is all that is required.

What Types of Colognes are There?

Before even starting to choose a cologne, you need to be thorough with the types of fragrances in the market. By familiarizing yourself, you’ll be better able to select a cologne that best meets your needs. The detailed learning will also help you answer questions related to the pricing of different colognes, why some are cheap, while others are incredibly expensive.

The fundamental difference is the ration or percentage of the perfume oil/essence used in the fragrance composition. This concentration affects the volatility and stays of perfume on your skin.

Eau de Toilette fragrances typically contain 10% oils and last for a couple of hours.

Eau de Parfum, have a higher concentration of perfume oil, viz., 15-20% and lasts suggestively for a longer duration. Such perfumes or colognes, use rare ingredients and have a higher concentration of oils, adding to the net worth and cost of the overall product.

Eau de cologne has a much lower concentration than the others. It generally has a 2-4% percent concentration of fragrance oils and a higher concentration of alcohol.

As the types of fragrances are essential, it is equally necessary to distinguish between the designer colognes and niche colognes.

The famous fashion houses and brands own the curation of Designer colognes for mass consumption. The scents are soft and subtle enough to be liked by everyone.

But, niche colognes are produced for selective customers and has a unique scent. They have the intensity to polarize the senses due to the bold and typical scent.

How to Choose Good Cologne?

Once you enter a high-end department store, this is where the real test begins! Test of your knowledge and the brands who swear over their fragrances!

To start, accompany a salesperson and explain to him the types of fragrance you’ll like. He’ll guide you to many. Start by spraying colognes onto sample cards and narrow down the list to two or three. Then test the cologne on your skin and ensure which suits you well. Try to leave the sample on your wrist for a longer span and keep sniffing regularly. You’ll notice the cologne smelling differently after some time. This is due to the interaction of fragrance oils with your body oils. The fragrance breaks over time; thus, be patient and give the cologne some time to open up its notes.

The Top notes typically last for 15-120 minutes

Mid-notes last for 30 minutes to five hours

Base notes can last up to two to eight or more hours

Cologne Samples
Fragrance Notes

Believe it or not, giving time is the best way to choose a Cologne that best suits your personality. If you tend to be in a hurry, ask for Cologne Samples.

Once you decide and purchase a cologne, make sure you store it in a cool, dark and dry place. Typically closets make an excellent choice to keep them away from heat, humidity, and temperature changes!


10 Cologne Samples Designer lot of High End Luxury Cologne Samples

Creed Aventus
Creed Royal Oud
Brave By Diesel
232 By Carolina Herrara
Mont Blanc Legend
Viktor & Rolf Spice Bomb
Paco Rabanne X
Prada Luna Rossa
Ed Hardy
Versace Eros
Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue


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