Seo Case Study – How To Get Organic Search Traffic And Sales In 2020

Perfume Samples
Perfume Samples
Perfume Samples


How To Get Organic Search Traffic And Sales In 2020

PerfumeSamples.comHow To Get Organic Search Traffic And Sales In 2020

Thank you for coming to my Blog. Today we are going to take a look at the process of gaining traction slowly but surely in organic search for keywords that your trying to rank for. I have outlined my strategy in an infographic and for ease of use and easy reading.

These are the seo strategies that i have outlined as critical and instead of making a very large and complicated blogpost i made and infographic of my target strategies and tasks i will be working on to gain traction with google organic seo traffic and rankings for the keyword and query Perfume Samples

The Data in my slideshare took me years to compile and is very very valuable.

I hope you enjoy the content of my infographic and slideshare presentation on how to get organic traffic and the steps to take to get there and the results were amazing.

I have also posted this on under as well as under and below are the orignal links.

I have made an InfoGraphic on doc droid and an infographic on slidesshare showing the Seo tactics to use to gain rankings from organic search,

I will post woo commerce sales and google search console position gains for organic traffic and for the keyword query of Perfume Samples.

I am trying to rank higher for the search query Perfume Samples in Google Organic Search using google search console

Below is the slideshare presentation and i will post my google search console image and ranking below

Now That You have Taken a look at my strategies Lets go over Execution and Results.


First Results direct increase in Perfume Samples ranking for the query and keyword perfume samples.

I have shared a screenshot below. Originally I was not Ranked.

Perfume Samples organic traffic trend now at position 76!

So From not ranked to 76 pretty good!

All I do is post on the blog create backlinks and follow the slideshare strategy and the rankings keep going up.

Then Copy and repeat for each keyword

Thanks for reading i hope you enjoy the hard work and be sure to check out our

Perfume Samples  and Cologne Samples

Remember you can always come back to this page for future reference to deploy your seo Strategies.


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