Perfume Decants

Our Perfume Decants are Basically Hand Crafted Essentially sized 2ml-10ml Atomizers. These are not the Manufacturers bottle, Factory Sealed Or Carded.

Our Crafted Perfume Samples At are Hand Decanted from the original Designer Brands Bottles into Atomizers such as the various sizes we have in the photo displayed below.



These are the size of the Atomizers and an accurate display for all perfume decants sold in out store.

  • Perfume And Cologne Samples

    Your choice of travel size spray vial:

    • 2 ml (.06 fl oz) volume with 30 sprays of fragrance (approx)
    • 3 ml (.10 fl oz) volume with 45 sprays of fragrance (approx)
    • 5 ml (.17 fl oz) volume with 80 sprays of fragrance (approx)
    • 10 ml (.34 fl oz) volume with 160 sprays of fragrance (approx)

    Please Note: The full size bottle is shown for display only, and is not included in your purchase.