Decants: Have Fun and Enjoy Decanting Perfumes at Home!

Perfumes are a very personal possession! Every person has an individual choice and taste, which is undoubtedly going to differ from the other. But what if your best friend requests you to swap or share your fragrance with her? You cannot say no to her, right? But isn’t it a huge risk to lend out that expensive bottle, which may or may not come back to you! Scared?

Take a sigh of relief; in this article, you’ll get to know everything needed for perfume decanting.

Perfume Decants are usually poured manually into smaller bottles of varying sizes, depending on the need. These might be rollerball bottles, splash bottles, or smaller spritz bottles.

Why might you need a decant?

There are multiple reasons to decant your perfume! Swapping, sharing scents with friends, split a bottle of something you can’t afford to buy full-sized, or re-selling on eBay. You may also need decants to have some travel-sized vials of the favorite fragrances! Others may like to be a little crazy and have a hobby of keeping a collection of decants.

How to make a Decant (Things needed)?

Your mind might be bombarding you with a million questions as to where to start?

Arrange Raw Materials: You’ll be needing some plastic/glass bottles with either sprayers or rollerballs and caps! You can also have some sample vials, to add more fun to the activity.

Containers/Bottles: You need to look for little plastic and glass bottles with removable caps. Miniso/Dollar stores and many other departmental stores have a lot of them, and you can find them on the internet if you wish to skip moving out. Beware, not to fall for cheaper products as they might compromise on quality, leading to leakage and spills. Make sure the caps fit well, as constant exposure to air, humidity & contacts with skin oils can cause the fragrance molecules to break.

These bottles are a great way to step into the world of perfumery and explore scents. They are fit & perfect for travel. But few vials & bottles can be delicate and might need extensive care. They can break easily and cause a spillover!

TIP: Prefer buying glass bottles as it keeps the perfume intact. Make plastic bottles a second and last option as few fragrances tend to change odor after being kept in plastic bottles.

Roll-Ons: Glass bottles with rollerballs and caps are a better option when it comes to application. The rollerball is perfectly fitted into the bottle mouth & works brilliantly and to-the-point. The best thing is they help prevent leakage. So, if you don’t like splash decants, roll-ons are your thing. A drawback of these rollerball bottles is that due to constant contact with skin, the body-oils may transfer into the perfume through the ball. The fragrance may get ruined or sometimes, resulting in ugly cloudiness and sediment formation at the bottom.

Spray Bottles/Atomizers: Small plastic or aluminum atomizers are available on the internet and in many stores. The benefit of these lightweight bottles/atomizers is that they are fit to be carried around and travel with a reduced breakage tension. They are slightly more costly than the other options we have discussed until now.


Here starts the real challenge. Pouring from the bottle needs practice and confidence. You need to know a few tricks that’ll assist you while decanting. Use a glass rod or a funnel that you may relate to in the chemistry labs back in the school days. Another easy way is to use blunt tip syringes or needles used to transport liquids into containers. This works best when decanting due to rare chances of fragrance getting wasted!

Final tips: Once done, remember labeling the decants. You can either opt for a permanent marker or use small stickers/paper chips. Whatsoever you choose, in the end, cover it with clear tape to avoid ink-bleeding. Avoid ringing the seal area with tape; it may lead to clogging of the cap and evaporation/leakage of the perfume.

We hope you enjoy our Decants!

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