Creed Cologne Samples

Creed Cologne Samples

Accessorize Your Luxury Closet With These Creed Cologne Samples !

There are many high-end perfumes that people dream of owning. Creed is one such brand with high popularity. Keeping the craft alive in their Parisian Laboratory, the sixth-generation master perfumer Olivier Creed and his son, Erwin Creed, seek the finest ingredients to continue Creed’s art in the 21st century. Their perfumes are a master-piece that is timeless and most modern.

If you know Creed fragrances, then we are sure that you are known to the fact that Creed is an extremely high-quality brand that uses a unique extraction method and rare ingredients!

Here’s a list of a Few of the Best Cologne Samples:

  • Creed Aventus Cologne Sample Spray: Launched in 2010, this is yet another Creed scents that every man should try once. With top notes of black currant, French apple, Italian bergamot, and pineapple, the heart notes follow rose, Moroccan jasmine, dry birch, and patchouli. The bottom notes are made of oakmoss, musk, ambergris, and vanilla, which gives the scent its fruity, sophisticated fragrance that is the pleasant and long-lasting scent.


  • Creed Royal Oud Cologne Sample Spray: Created in 1995, this is their best-known fragrances with a crisp, clean fragrance with fresh fruity notes and a musk touch that makes the perfume a classic fragrance. Every guy deserves to have it as a stand-by his cologne collection. The perceptible notes of lemon, mandarin, iris, and bergamot give the scent its most versatile feature of lightness


  • Creed Royal Mayfair Cologne Sample Spray: This is an original, aromatic fragrance to spice you up during the cooler fall and winter months. The top notes of cinnamon and sandalwood are warm and include coriander and fragrant juniper berry. The heart notes have hints of lavender, leaves of the entire orange tree, rosemary, and ginger with the base made of tonka beans and vanilla.


  • Creed Himalaya Millesime Spray: introduced in 2002, this perfume with a fresh, citrusy opening offers grapefruit, lemon, and bergamot notes. The fragrance takes a twist into an oriental heart tone, featuring sandalwood with base notes of musk, ambergris, and cedarwood. This pleasant and comfortable to wear perfume is a must-try!
  • Creed Original Vetiver Millesime Spray: Designed to be gifted to John F. Kennedy upon winning Presidency, this fragrance is a fresh, unusual. It uses the whole vetiver plant (roots, leaves, and heart) with other elements to create a luxurious scent with deep notes. To wear it is an emotion of pride and honor, feel relaxed, and enjoy longevity.
  • Creed Tabarome Millesime Spray: This fragrance is a fun and bold-to-go scent for any special occasion like a night out, date night, or any special event. The name ‘Tabarome’ honors the pinch of most delicate tobacco aroma that gives it the royal touch of luxury English club. Warmer notes of ginger, jasmine, and seductive sandalwood are hyped with the touch of leather and tobacco that gives the scent a sexy punch. You will leave marks on ladies’ memories, as this is the most exotic and memorable fragrance.
  • Creed Silver Mountain Water Millesime Spray: One of Creed’s most modern perfumes is its name indicates and evokes pictures of sparkling streams running down the snowy mountains. The fragrance is a hint of soft, milky-sweet blackcurrants mixed with green tea notes, a touch of the richness of bergamot, and sandalwood.
  • Creed Viking Eau de Parfum: Latest entrant in the house of Creed, this perfume has a bold punch of fresh citrus notes of Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian lemon with pink peppercorn. At heart are the Bulgarian rose and peppermint notes with base notes of sandalwood, vetiver, and patchouli.
  • Creed Green Irish Tweed Millesime Spray: This is the most favorite, classy, versatile, and elegant fragrance. It is a blend of woody freshness and pure masculinity. It’s distinctive though subtle scent crosses lines between day and night and has notes of verbena, sandalwood, iris, and violets.

      Creed Cologne Decants are a must-have accessory in your luxury closet! Check here for Creed Cologne Samples.

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