Buying Fragrances Online: Here Is What You Should Know?

When you can buy clothes online, order food online, why can’t you buy perfume? PerfumeSample has made it possible to purchase the favorite brand of perfume online.

However, perfume was difficult to buy online. The scent is a personal thing, and it is hard to determine whether you would like it before testing. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a dreamy new fragrance. All you need to know is the perfume you are looking out for. Here is how you can buy fragrance online.

Find Favorite Fragrances

The scent is a very personal thing, and it is something that varies a lot. There are particular scents that you are going to love immediately. So try and look for these. Take a look at the fragrances that you like the most and find what notes they have. Also, lookout for a fragrance family and try to stick to that. Most common fragrance families are floral, citrus, wood, fruit, and musk.

What’s the Perfume Accord?

It is the harmonious blend of essences which are combined carefully to create a new and different fragrance altogether. It is unique and can stand on its own, and the various individual component can’t be detected. Some familiar accords are amber, ambreine, aquatic, aromatic, balsam, chypre, citrus, cologne, floral, fresh, Fougere, fruit, gourmand, green, herbal, Mellis, oriental, spice and wood. Once you know the accord, look for its notes next. A perfume has three notes.

  • The Top Note. It is the lightest of all the notes that can be easily recognized immediately after applying.
  • The Heart Note. This note appears after the top note has evaporated. It is considered as the heart of the fragrance because it has a strong influence on the base note.
  • The Base Note. It is the concluding note and works with the middle or heart note to form the perfect signature perfume. This note lasts longest as compared to the other notes.

Now that you have fully understood the perfume’s accord and notes let’s see how to identify the fragrances that suit you the best.

Read the Product Description

Pay attention to the description that is there on the product page. It says a lot about its character. Words like fresh, floral, wood, water, dark, etc. explain the intensity of the scent.

  • Fresh- The notes would be simple and maybe citrus, green, or organic. If you are looking for outdoor usage, fresh notes would be the best.
  • Floral- The floral range is wide. You will find soft, subtle notes on the one end the bold and exotic on the other. These notes give floral smells like lavender, rose, jasmine, or fruity floral like strawberries or floral oriental like vanilla.

Packaging Images and Color Are Helpful Too

If you are unable to identify the words, look at the color of the packaging. Although it may not always indicate what is contained in the bottle, it can be helpful on many occasions.

Versace Eros Versace Cologne Sample For Men

  • Blue Color. It is associated with marine and aquatic fragrances. These have a cool, watery, and fresh fragrance.
  • Black Color. It signifies intensity and depth and is ideal for evening fragrance.
  • Red Color. The red color signifies passion, and danger. The notes are spicy and full of punch.

Add Desired Perfume Decants to Cart

The perfume decants available on the site are handcrafted and come in size from 2ml to 10ml. These aren’t the factory sealed manufacturer’s bottle. Instead, these atomizers are hand-decanted from the original designer-brand bottles. Buy fragrance online in following sizes to start with.

  • 2ml for 30 sprays.
  • 3ml for 45 sprays.
  • 5ml for 80 sprays
  • 10ml for 160 sprays.

Buy the Decants from PerfumeSample Now!

You can choose from Designer Brands, Niche Fragrance, and Best Sellers that are bestsellers. Add to the cart, place the order, and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep.

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